Who We Are


Constance Carter – Bachelor of Arts, Middlebury College. M. A., University of Northern Colorado. C. A. S., University of Maine.
A former service learning coordinator and special educator at Orono High School, Orono, ME, Connie is the director of Operation Breaking Stereotypes, Inc.

Camden Carter – Bachelor of Music, New York University. M.A.T., Brown University.
A former music teacher at Walton High School, Bronx, NY, Cami is now the co-director of the CORE Program at Orono High School, Orono, ME.

Board of Directors

Adelle Gautschi, Chair
Physical Therapist 

Trenton, ME

Emily Albee
Social Studies Teacher at RSU 22 (Hampden Academy)
Orono, ME

Camden J. Carter, Co-founder
Alternative Education Teacher at RSU26 (Orono, ME)
Orono, ME

Roger George
Bangor, ME

Erin St. Peter
Financial Analyst/Portfolio Manager at US Dept. of Treasury
Brooklyn, NY

Susan Vafiades-Diaz
Former Teacher, MDI High School, Bar Harbor, ME
Southwest Harbor, ME

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