About Us

As we weather a pandemic whose impacts are exposing deep divisions, inequities, and injustices in our country, we simultaneously honestly confront both these divisions and the particular oppressions and brutality that BIPOC communities continue to face in their daily lives. The hard work for all of us is long overdue.

Operation Breaking Stereotypes (OBS) is a non-profit, service-based organization working with schools in Maine and New York City to help students address ethnic, socio-economic, gender, and racial stereotypes through writing, reading, music, photography, and personal connections. Since our founding in 2002, OBS has worked with more than 4500 Maine, Boston, and New York City middle and high school students, facilitating exchanges between diverse groups of learners.

OBS students believe we need to see our common humanity, but we also need to stop, listen, and be aware of who each person really is — not the labels and expectations the world puts on us, but the raw, open, beautiful qualities each of us carries close to our hearts as we work towards justice and equity for all. Let these OBS students inspire you as we all work to create a better world.