Writings and Photos from the Maranacook-Lewiston Partnership, 2015-16

The April 8, 2016 Exchange:

Five Minute Poem
(courtesy of Beverly Daniel Tatum)

There are 4 stanzas in the poem.
Each stanza has 4 lines.
Each stanza begins with the words:  “We are from….”

First Stanza: (Familiar sights, sounds, or smells of your home and neighborhood)
Second Stanza: (Familiar foods)
Third Stanza: (Family Sayings)
Fourth Stanza: (Friends)

A sample poem from Beverly Daniel Tatum

We are from…

The food that my mother cooks
The orange leaves lying on the ground
The heat from the sun
The smell of sweaty socks from my brother’s room

We are from…

The cheesy lasagna in the oven
The hot tortillas in my plate
The gooey chocolate chip cookies in my stomach
The smell of coffee in the morning

We are from…

Clean the house
Do your homework
Do the dishes
Just saying…

We are from…


Here are lines for LHS-MCHS poems

Working in small group, the students came up with the following lines for their own poems.

Stanza #1: (Familiar sights, sounds, or smells of your home and neighborhood) We are from…

The water of Maranacook Lake
Lakeside Orchards
Kennedy Park
DowntownAt the 4-8-16 LHS-MCHS Exchange
My home town Rumford
Tall trees waving in the wind
Lewiston High School
Bread baking
Apple and lavender candles
Acres of woods and cars driving by
Birds chirping, dogs barking, and busy streets
The hood, Dirty Lew
The city
The countryside
The boots my family has worn
The country where we hunt for fish
A city where we smell the fresh food from the bakery every morning
Green fields
Colorful leaves on the ground
Crossroads everywhere
Cars littering streets
The woods behind my house
The smell of crepes cooking on my pan
The sound of the net when I make a jump
The sight of police cars speeding by
The rainy days of England to the hot summers of South Africa
The noisy streets in my neighborhood
Fresh grass
Lake and river
The trees that I see out of my window and raindrops tapping on my roof
The sound of my television in my room
The smell of my sister’s dirty socks

Stanza #2: (Familiar foods) We are from…

Apples, brownies, pitas, chicken burgers
Pizza, tacos, chocolate, gum, ice cream, and ravioli
The chicken my dad made and the desserts my mom makes
The pizza from the school cafeteria and the PB and J’s I make at home
Homemade lasagnaAt the 4-8-16 LHS-MCHS Exchange
Homemade grown vegetables
Fielder’s Choice ice cream
Apples grown on the orchards, fried chicken, ramen noodles, pizza
Eggs and cheese
Fresh foods and healthy drinks
Warm country kitchen bread
Mac and cheese
The taste of jambalaya at night
The smell of deer steak cooking
The sound of sizzling bacon
The smell of steak on the grill
The sweet smells of baked goods
The crisp smell of pizza
The hot smell of cooked sandwiches
Rice and chicken, cereal, chile chicken
The Milky Way in my stomach
The great smell of spaghetti
The smell of my burrito in my toaster
The popping of popcorn

Stanza #3: (Family sayings) We are from…

Clean your room
Wash the dishes
Get off your phone
Stop asking for moneyAt the 4-8-16 LHS-MCHS Exchange
Wake up early
Stop watching Netflix
Stop talking like that!
You have homework to do
No TV on weekdays
Come do the dishes
Come do the chores
Because I said so
Get your homework done
Do your chores
Pass the remote
Can I have more please?
Go to school or clean the house
Do your homework or be grounded
Your feet stink!
Feed the animals
Take out the trash to the curb
Suck it up, cupcake!
If you’re black, you’re black. Don’t complain about it
Shut up and do the dishes
Get your a** in gear and clean your room.
Stop being lazy for once
Do your homework
Clean the dishes
Get off the Xbox
What are you sleeping?
Be the best
Take the dog out
Turn off the game

Stanza #4: (Friends) We are from…

Sierra, Sam, Fatumo, RJ, Koos, and Raha
Destiny, Cody, Tom, Gavin, Starlight, Jeremy, Eneistian
Trustworthy friends, caring, sometimes crazy friends, loud
The ghetto, the bear cave, kindness, laughter
Laid back and mean jokes
Grace, Samantha, Maria, Deko
Play ball
Tom, Adrian, Trent, Logan
Richard, Hussein, Jardin

At the 4-8-16 LHS-MCHS Exchange