Imagine the Possibilities at Your School

2500 kids see a different world

  • 1 didn’t know what the heck dew was, now he does.
  • 420 had never spent the night in Brooklyn, now they have.
  • 650 had never started their school day walking through a metal detector, now they have.
  • 950 never knew that you could know the names of every kid in your high school, now they do.
  • 1100 had never been to the Bronx, now they have.
  • 638 never thought of going to college, now they do.
  • 910 never knew that Maine stars could be so bright, now they do.
  • 875 had never had a friend of a different ethnicity, now they do.
  • 1800 thought they didn’t have any stereotypes, now they know better.
  • 1750 had never appreciated their communities, now they want them to thrive.
  • 2500 feared differences, now they embrace them.
  • 2500 kids see a different world.

Imagine what OBS could do for YOUR school.